• XRP’s value has surged 8% in seven days, injecting $1.9B into its current market capitalization.
• Crypto traders exchanged over $850 million worth of XRP within 24 hours alone, a remarkable 101% increase compared to previous figures.
• XRP continues to dominate the Korean crypto markets as the most actively traded cryptocurrency in the region.

XRP Value Surges 8%, Injecting $1.9B in Market Cap

XRP has skyrocketed, achieving remarkable gains and attracting an influx of billions. A trading frenzy has surrounded XRP, with millions of dollars worth of tokens having changed hands. Data from the preeminent price-tracking resource CoinMarketCap unveils a staggering 7.98% increase over seven days, injecting a jaw-dropping $1,909,464,210 into XRP’s current market capitalization — now over $23 billion.

Trading Volume Jumps 101% in 24 Hours

Crypto traders exchanged an impressive sum of over $850 million worth of XRP within just 24 hours alone — a remarkable 101% increase compared to previous figures. This trading volume underscores mounting confidence in XRP’s potential and capacity to yield substantial returns for investors and enthusiasts alike.

XRP Whales Make Waves

Whale Alert reported significant transfer activity involving large sums of XRIP tokens across various exchanges — including 87.3 million XRP ($41 million) from an unidentified wallet to Binance and 24.5 million ($11 million) from another unknown wallet to Bitstamp within 48 hours since this article was written. These movements have sparked speculation among the broader crypto community as they ponder behind the motives behind these transfers.

XRP Dominates Korean Crypto Markets

In South Korea, XRP continues to assert its dominance as it remains the most actively traded cryptocurrency in the region by far — surpassing even Bitcoin and Ethereum combined when it comes to daily trades made on major local exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb Pro account for more than 80%.


The recent surge in popularity surrounding Ripple’s digital asset demonstrates how quickly cryptocurrencies can move on both financial markets and public sentiment alike – making them incredibly difficult but rewarding investments for those who are able to accurately anticipate their next move!

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