Shiba Inu Lead Dev Confident Ecosystem Will Thrive Without Him

• Shiba Inu has seen a 16.9% increase in the last week, restoring multiple support lines.
• Shibburn soared by 6,936% yesterday as BTC touched $30,000.
• The lead dev of Shiba Inu announced plans to step down from his role at SHIB Token and is currently working on the completion of the projects like physical studio, SHIB: The Metaverse, two new coins $SHI stablecoin and $TREAT and blockchain version of Shiba Eternity.

Shiba Inu’s Recent Growth

Shiba Inu has witnessed a 16.9% increase in the last week and Shibburn skyrocketed by 6,936% yesterday when Bitcoin touched $30,000. This surge in growth has been attributed to various factors such as strong community support and anticipation for upcoming projects like physical studio, SHIB: The Metaverse and two new coins $SHI stablecoin and $TREAT.

Lead Dev To Step Down

The mysterious leader of Shiba Inu recently announced that he plans to step down from his role at SHIB Token after completing ongoing works with Ryoshi’s vision in mind. The current checklist includes submitting designs for Champion NFT hoodie contest on ShibaSwap which closes on 28th June 2023. Furthermore, they are aiming to launch their mainnet this year along with “Worldpaper” summarizing all the ongoing activities up till now including Shibacon mentioned in the “Woofpaper” as well as blockchain version of Shiba Eternity by Q4 2023.

Precautionary Measures Against Phishing Scams

Unfortunately bad actors are already taking advantage of these upcoming product names to set up phishing sites before an official launch date is made public. Therefore it is important for users to be aware of any shady websites or suspicious links related to any products associated with SHIB token so they can be avoided at all costs.

Shytoshi Kusama’s Commitment

Despite stepping down from his leadership role at some point in future, Shy Kusama assured that he won’t be quitting until “it will no longer be necessary” so that they can prove themselves as a fully decentralized self-sufficient blockchain which starts strong but finishes even stronger than before. He also shared a story about accountability titled „Whose Job Is It Anyway?“ on Twitter encouraging members of SHIB Army to take responsibility even during hard times instead of shifting blame onto others for their decisions or actions taken or not taken in life situations.


The Shiba Inu ecosystem is full of potential with many exciting projects lined up this year like physical studios, metaverse and two new coins along with blockchain versions being worked upon constantly under the guidance of its dedicated leader who is determined to finish what he started despite his impending departure from the project eventually when it reaches its true peak performance level without him being involved anymore .