Nigerian Crypto Exchange Patricia Sparks Exit Scam Fears

• Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Patricia has caused concern with the launch of its native token PTK, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.
• Suspicious factors such as the sudden and unannounced release of the token and lack of documentation have raised doubts among users.
• This follows a data breach in May 2023 which compromised user assets, prompting user grievances over inaccessible funds.

Nigerian Crypto Exchange Patricia Causes Concern

Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Patricia recently launched its native token, PTK, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. However, this launch has caused some members of the local crypto community to voice their concerns due to suspicious factors such as lack of transparent documentation and an unannounced release.

Data Breach Compromises User Assets

On May 26th 2023, it was revealed that Patricia had been victim to a major security breach resulting in loss of assets and funds. Although no details were disclosed on how much had been compromised, all BTC and naira assets were affected while other cryptocurrencies remained safe. The exchange then temporarily suspended withdrawals whilst they attempted to restructure and recover lost assets. Despite this action, users are still complaining that their funds are inaccessible.

PTK Token Launch Causes Unease

The launch of PTK only exacerbated tensions further as users awoke to find their assets converted into the new token without any explanation or assurance regarding its legitimacy. This sudden move has caused suspicion and unease amongst both existing customers and wider industry enthusiasts alike.

Potential Repercussions for Nigerian Crypto Industry

The events surrounding Patricia’s activities could have severe repercussions for not just Nigeria’s but Africa’s crypto industry overall if suspicions surrounding a potential exit scam prove true. All eyes will be on Patricia as stakeholders anxiously await further developments before making any judgement calls one way or another on the situation at hand.


The tumultuous events surrounding Nigerian crypto exchange Patricia have resulted in fears of an exit scam being perpetrated by the firm’s management team amidst suspicion towards its newly launched native token PTK amongst users and industry experts alike. Whilst no conclusion can be drawn yet until more updates are available from the exchange itself, these developments have stirred up major unease in Nigeria’s otherwise thriving crypto sector which could potentially cause serious ramifications for both local exchanges as well as Africa’s crypto landscape at large if these allegations prove true