LimeWire Unites PEPE & DOGE, Generates $14M in Token Sale

• LimeWire launched the initial sale of its $LMWR token, which has already raised over $3 million.
• DOGE and PEPE were added as payment methods after a community vote.
• Crypto Twitter users have shared screenshots of their acquisitions and the market data for LimeWire (LMWR) is untracked.

LimeWire Launches Token Sale

Music NFT platform LimeWire opened the $LMWR public sale with Bitpanda being the first to list it, with four major exchanges to follow. The legacy file-sharing service reached 90% of its $15 million target yesterday in private and public sales combined.

Payment Methods Added

The public token sale had some excellent news for Pepe (PEPE) fans as it was added as a payment method after a Twitter poll. Dogecoin was also added after a tweet asking whether there are any Dogecoin fans out there exceeded 300 retweets threshold. Both tokens can be used on LimeWire Launchpad to purchase tokens which will be airdropped by email a week after purchase.

Crypto Community Reacts To Sale

Twitter music and blockchain fans have shared screenshots of their acquisitions, with crypto enthusiast Che$$y King purchasing 1,674 $LMWR tokens for 1.55 BNB ($500). Other traders made smaller purchases spending 0.5-0.6 BNB and obtained 600-700 LMWR tokens each.

KYC Needed To Participate

To participate in the LMWR public sale KYC is needed since the market data for LimeWire (LMWR) is untracked yet.

Implications For Crypto Adoption

Legacy brands like LimeWire stepping into Web3 could heavily contribute towards crypto adoption for better or worse depending on how users react to this new development .