Dogecoin Fans Rejoice as Musk Refutes Plans for X Token

• Elon Musk refutes the affiliation of a new token to X Corp.
• Dogecoin fans relieved and DOGE Army memeing about integration in X Corp’s financial system.
• Dogecoin trading with double-digit gains, 1% dip in last 24 hours.

Elon Musk Refutes Affiliation of New Token to X Corp

Scam cryptocurrencies like $TWITTER and $X falsely claimed ties to Twitter. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, replied to Doge Designer on Twitter, refuting these claims and stating that X Corp (previously known as Twitter) is not interested in launching a native crypto token. This news was welcomed by the Dogecoin community who are hopeful for the coin’s potential integration into X Corp’s financial system despite Linda Yaccarino joining the team.

Dogecoin Trading at Double-Digit Gains

Dogecoin has continued trading in a descending triangle since last month, with prices comfortably holding above the seven-cent support line after a solid month with double-digit gains. The coin hit a seven-day high of $0.079555 on July 31st, 2023 but faced price correction afterward, dropping 6.5% weekly and 1% in the last 24 hours. At press time, it is changing hands at $0.074104 according to CoinGecko .

The Role of Memes

Crypto traders initially deemed Dogecoin’s integration unlikely when Linda Yaccarino joined the team yet members of the DOGE Army have been creating light-hearted memes linking $DOGE to X as a way of onboarding folks into this new financial system. According to DOGE holder ItsAllRisky “memes are shared nodes of experience” making them an effective way to spread awareness and garner excitement around this project within the crypto community.

Linda Yaccarino Follows Official SHIB Token Account

The new CEO of Twitter follows SHIB Token’s official account sparking speculation regarding another worthy cryptocurrency being integrated into their future financial system instead of dogecoin; however many remain hopeful that doge will remain part of this exciting project going forward, especially considering its recent performance in terms of price gains over recent weeks/months..


Although there may be some uncertainty surrounding whether or not doge will become part of X Corp’s all-in-one application project due to other projects being considered for integration such as SHIB Token officially followed by Linda Yaccarino herself; doge remains highly popular amongst crypto traders with prices currently holding steady above 7 cents support line following double digit gains over recent months making it an exciting investment opportunity for those looking for something different from Bitcoin yet still delivering positive returns going forward!