Do Kwon Faces Gloomy Year in Montenegro’s Notorious Prison System

• Do Kwon, the founder of TerraForm Labs, was recently captured in Podgorica airport and is facing extradition requests from both South Korea and the United States.
• If extradited to Montenegro, Do Kwon would be subject to its notorious prison system that has been condemned by human rights activists for not meeting basic living standards.
• Singaporean authorities have also launched a criminal investigation into the shady TerraForm Labs founder but have not requested his extradition.

Do Kwon Faces Extradition Requests from Multiple Countries

TerraForm Labs founder Do Kwon was captured in Podgorica airport last week, with both South Korea and the United States requesting his extradition. Justice Minister Marko Kovac has confirmed that documents requesting Do Kwon’s extradition have already been submitted by both countries. Additionally, Singaporean authorities have launched a separate criminal investigation into the shady TerraForm Labs founder but haven’t requested extradition yet.

Do Kwon Due for Long-Year Stay in Montenegrin Prison

A local lawyer has revealed that if extradited to Montenegro, Do Kwon will be sentenced to a long-year stay in one of its notorious prisons. Human rights activists published research about Montenegrin prisons which condemned them for not meeting basic living standards – prisoners are kept in eight square meter rooms with only half of them having a bed to lie on. The only time they can leave their small room is when they’re allowed to walk around the prison block for half an hour, where they can buy cigarettes and coffee from the prison shop.

VIP Treatment Contrasts with Prison System

Upon arrest, Do Kwon remarked that he and his friend had “received VIP treatment” everywhere they went – a stark contrast to what awaits him if extradited to Montenegro’s prison system. This is further evidenced by human rights activists‘ research about Montenegrin prisons which described them as being „inhumane“. As such, it is highly likely that unless extradited elsewhere or released on humanitarian grounds first, Do Kwon will face an extended stay in one of these harsh institutions should he remain at Montenegro’s disposal rather than being extradited out of the country.

Competition Between US and South Korea Intense

The competition between US and South Korean officers trying to get a piece of Do Kwon seems intense due to each country’s eagerness for him answerable according their justice systems‘ sanctions respectively. To this end, it appears increasingly likely that whichever nation ultimately secures his extradition will do so after lengthy legal battles over jurisdiction are settled – something which could take years before any final decision is made either way regarding where he serves time should he be found guilty of any crimes committed against either country or both simultaneously.

Criminal Investigation Launched Into Shady TerraForm Labs Founder

Since his capture last week, Singaporean authorities have also launched a criminal investigation into the shady activities associated with TerraForm Labs under Do Kwons leadership while leading terraform labs prior his arrest at Podgorica airport last week . It remains unclear how long such investigations will take or what results may come out of them once completed; however it does appear increasingly likely that whatever comes out of these inquiries could further complicate matters regarding potential extradition proceedings if any transpire following initial hearings set forth upon arrival at Montenegrin courtrooms later this month should no other resolution be found beforehand..