Discover How To Trade SHIB With Customized Trading Bots on Shibarium

Overview of Shibarium Trading Bots

• NowNodes recently released a step-by-step guide for Shiba Inu (SHIB) investors regarding trading bots.
• The blockchain infrastructure provider confirmed the inclusion of Shibarium in their roadmap two months ago.
• The setup of customized trading bots on Shibarium is powered by Python and requires an API key to extract any on-chain data.

Setting Up Bot Trading Strategy

Crypto traders setting up a trading bot on Shibarium can determine their own reasonable price for buying, select notifications, and choose tools for automated actions. Most importantly, users have to connect their trading bot to Shibarium Chain ID 719.

Getting Access to On-Chain Data

To make the trading bots work, a user has to install the libraries provided by NowNodes on Twitter and obtain an API key from the blockchain infrastructure provider in order to extract any on-chain data – either from a DEX or an Oracle.

Define Logic & Structure of dApp

In this step, crypto traders have to define the logic and structure of the customized dApp in order for it to loop for Shiba Inu (SHIB) price checks as well as limit its own activity according to pre-determined settings.

Average Block Time & Transactions

Finally, Shibarium Beta shows eight seconds of average block time in 6M transactions while SHIB and BONE both plummeted double digits in value since last week.