Boosting Crypto Adoption: Check Out the Most Innovative Startups at Paris Blockchain Week

• Paris Blockchain Week is one of Europe’s biggest blockchain events, featuring innovative startups with use cases ranging from user security to developer tools.
• Security is a major issue for new users entering the crypto space and Web3 Antivirus is tackling this problem with its browser extension and proprietary oracles.
• QuickNode offers cloud-based services that enable developers to host decentralized applications easily while Alyra teaches a new generation of blockchain professionals.

Paris Blockchain Week

Paris Blockchain Week is one of Europe’s biggest blockchain events, bringing together leading startups from the industry. Companies are utilizing use cases ranging from user security to developer tools, in order to boost mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the industry heads towards a strong 2023, despite ongoing volatility and macroeconomic risks, these startups are creating innovative projects which could revolutionize the way we use crypto.

Web3 Antivirus – Boosting Crypto Security

Security is one of the primary concerns for new users entering the blockchain space. Web3 Antivirus is trying to solve this issue by providing a browser extension which scans incoming blockchain transactions and blocks malicious ones. Its proprietary tools and third-party oracles analyze incoming smart contracts for known malicious code, working towards building a comprehensive database and oracle network which would neutralize all blockchain malware. Alex Dulub, founder of Web3 Antivirus believes that in order for mass adoption of crypto to occur, it needs to become more accessible by providing users with improved security tools.

QuickNode – Cloud Development for Blockchain

The growth of DeFi depends on blockchain developers who have access to specialized tools which make their job easier. QuickNode offers such a service, enabling developers to host decentralized applications on major blockchains without having to run their own nodes. Radek Sienkiewicz at QuickNode highlighted how they simplify development by reducing barriers to entry into the space, enabling more people than ever before to build their own projects within the crypto ecosystem.

Alyra – Teaching a New Generation of Blockchain Professionals

As web3 startups discover new use cases for crypto and blockchain technology every day, qualified personnel need access resources which teach them how best utilize these technologies – enter Alyra! The platform provides interactive courses designed specifically for those interested in learning about developing decentralized applications (DApps). With Alyra’s help growing number of students can gain valuable insights into this rapidly expanding field quickly and effectively – perfect tool for anyone just starting out in the world of DApp development!


In conclusion Paris Blockchain Week was home some very promising startups working on innovative solutions aimed at boosting acceptance and usage cryptocurrency around world . From overhauling security measures used protect users from scams increasing accessibility developing DApps , these businesses provide essential services helping propel industry forward further wider adoption .