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The Internet guide to America's most interesting city, brought to you by Yatcom Communications.  

Welcome to New Orleans! 

She was founded by the French, matured under the Spanish, and came to world prominence as America's second largest port city. Peoples of all colors and many nationalities have contributed to the wonderful mixture of sights, sounds, smells and tastes that are New Orleans. 

Welcome to VNO - Virtual New Orleans.

Welcome to the VNO home page, this virtual New Orleans website is dedicated to providing you with some of the best website content you’ll find anywhere about the City of New Orleans.

You’ll find these pages full of interesting facts and details about the city which is also referred to as the Crescent City and the Big Easy; but why does New Orleans also have those two names? The Crescent City simply refers to the fact that it is situated in the bends of the Mississippi River, giving the impression of having a crescent shape; whilst the Big Easy is a reference back to the days when jazz musicians would ‘breeze’ into the city and immediately find work. New Orleans is also known by some less flattering names, but we’ll leave those for now.

If you’re coming to New Orleans as a visitor, be it as a tourist or on business, you’ll find plenty of information in these web-pages to help you get a feel for the city and more tangible information about it. There are pages to do with the history and culture of New Orleans, some of the sights to be seen in New Orleans are recommended; as are where you’re likely to find good lodgings and accommodation, where the best restaurants are for dining - as well as more specialized information such as details about New Orleans Conventions and Politics. Whatever your purpose for being in New Orleans, we hope you can take some time to enjoy the interesting museums with their historic collections as well as doing some sightseeing and shopping.

If you’re arriving from overseas or even another part of the USA you’ll want to know how to get around New Orleans and what the weather’s going to be like; so we’ve thoughtfully added some information on transportation in and around New Orleans and what you can expect the weather to be like. Speaking of which, bad winter weather is rarely a problem in New Orleans - but in the summer hurricanes can be a problem, so we’ve included a page just to inform you about hurricanes and New Orleans.

Ask anyone what the name New Orleans conjures up for them and they’re bound to mention jazz music, Mardi Gras and quite probably voodoo. New Orleans Jazz Festivals, the annual Mardi Gras Carnivals and even a New Orleans voodoo festival are all regular events in the city. However, through the Irish community the city is also developing a reputation as one of the best places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the USA as well as having some really weird and spooky Halloween parties.

Whilst many folk will know that New Orleans is on the great Mississippi River - fewer and fewer people are able to appreciate the importance of the river and the steamboats that traveled up and down it - on the economic and  inland development of the USA. The steamboats are also almost synonymous with gambling, with the image of drunken gamblers challenging each other etched into the minds of the older generation. Today New Orleans has well regulated and sophisticated Casinos along with many other excellent and varied entertainment venues.

New Orleans is very much a modern vibrant city whose people will welcome and embrace you. One of the real melting pots of cultures in the USA, the city is well known for its Creole and Cajun communities. This gives the city some almost unique food and cooking that you can experience in the restaurants, especially those around the French Quarter. Speaking of which; the French Quarter isn’t the only neighborhood in New Orleans offering interesting and unique architecture. The Garden neighborhood provides an interesting contrast to the oldest part of the city, with some delightful 19th century mansions. To get a flavor of these mansions all you need to do is take a New Orleans streetcar ride down St Charles Avenue.


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