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Metairie Cemetery

Main Gate, Metairie Cemetery, c. 1905. The Moriarity monument is to the left.

We learn a great deal about various cultures from their funeral rites and burial customs. If archeologists dig up New Orleans a thousand years from now, I hope they find Metairie Cemetery. There may be older cemeteries in New Orleans, but there aren't any more interesting than Metairie. Metairie Cemetery has the most diverse architectural styles and the largest number of historical personalities of all of our cemeteries. If you only have time to visit one cemetery while you are here, Metairie would make an excellent choice.

This page is intended to be an on-going project, a collection of images rather than a detailed history of the cemetery or a catalogue of the tombs contained therein. I go to Metairie Cemetery often, since it holds a good deal of personal significance for me (my baby daughter is buried there). This is a place of great peace for me. I get restless when I'm in St. Louis Number One, and I don't really feel anything in Lafayette Number One. Metairie is different to me, so I can enjoy an hour there every now and then.. Because of this, I'll be adding images as I gather them. I'll mark those pages with a icon when the story behind the image is ready.

About Metairie Cemetery

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