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New Orleans Cemeteries - Cities of the Dead

We bury our dead above ground in New Orleans. This is because the water table is so high in this region that a casket buried in the ground like normal would pop back up after the first hard rainfall. Our dead are buried above the ground in simple vaults and elaborate tombs. Like many cities, our cemeteries were built on the outskirts of town. As the town got larger, the "outskirts" changed, which is why we have cemeteries located all over the metro area.

The story of our cemeteries is an on-going one that is an intricate part of the fabric that is New Orleans. As such, we'll be constantly adding little bits and pieces to this section as we go along. For the moment, the basics are here: Tips on touring cemeteries, the original Catholic cemeteries, Lafayette #1, the Foot of Canal, Metairie, and St. Joseph cemeteries. Come with us and discover some of the history of the city through our burial grounds.

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