Bitcoin Code helps witg crypto currencies

The course correction and the consequent fall of the prices of almost all crypto currencies manifests itself naturally in an extremely high congestion on the websites of the crypto exchanges and marketplaces. This show is completely overwhelmed and increased demand can Bitcoin Code not meet currently. However, this is not a reason to be uneasy.

The view of Coinmarketcap this morning has almost meant that they wanted his eyes prefer straight back close – so dominant color was red in the list of 100 most capitalized Coins. At times, only two other crypto currencies had except Ripple, the number 4 in the table, in Bitcoin Code review 2018 the last 24 hours a rise behind him – one of which was linked to the US dollar currency Tether. The remaining coins were almost universally have a double-digit decline, many of them commuting from -20 to -30%.

The sharp price changes are of course closely linked to an increase in activity at the crypto trading venues. So experience Coinbase, Anycoin and Co. is currently a rush, which is comparable to anything they have ever experienced in a single day before. for the moment, this means longer waiting times, the end is not in sight at the time, and requests that can not be answered first. Due to congestion of the networks there is also in many places more reviews on onlinebetrug to temporary outages due to which no actions can be performed for an indefinite period. It is first of all to be patient and to allow the time necessary trading platforms.

The current situation, the operator of the crypto Exchanges hits as unexpected as unprepared, but this refers not only to the current exceptional situation. Rather, the overall development of the last month was a permanent strain on the entire crypto scene in this manner have the least seen it coming. One should not forget that we have a total market capitalization of a quarter trillion dollars and an even a month ago Bitcoin exchange had cheered by $ 10,000 – Two weeks later, legs values had doubled.

In this context, it is now completely disproportionate So to paint the face of today’s market correction the devil on the wall. Taking the beginning of December as a starting point, is the bottom line still a thick green plus. Experienced crypto investors will notice also that there have always been in recent years, situations where the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies were temporarily fallen – only then the stronger to return. Because even if it temporarily goes straight up and as straight down: the long-term line is high.